thanksgiving desserts

Pre-order your Thanksgiving pies & desserts by Fri Nov 17th for pick-up on either Wednesday Nov 22nd (anytime between 11 am & 5 pm) or Thursday Nov 23rd, Thanksgiving morning (between 9 am and noon). Although we will have some individual serving pies, cookies, and other treats available for purchase on those days we will only have these pies for pre-orders. This year, we are donating $2 for every pie or cake sold from our Thanksgiving menu to some of the non-profits & causes that we hold most dear. You can choose from our list of 5 which you'd like the money from your purchase to go towards when you complete your order, and you'll also have the option to add an extra donation we'll be more than happy to pass on for you!

(After you've selected your desserts, make sure you head to the shopping bag in the upper right corner on a computer and the bottom right on a mobile device and complete your order by pre-paying! Otherwise, we don't have your order.)


apple huckleberry slab pie

flaky pie dough // apple & huckleberry filling // in a quarter sheet pan

When you show up with local huckleberries combining forces with delicious Washington apples to make the pie you never knew you always wanted, you better show up with enough for everyone! That’s why we’re baking this one XL, ready for travel, and easy to slice and serve!


Screenshot 2017-11-01 at 1.41.29 PM.png

apple pumpkin pie

flaky pie dough // pumpkin // apples // brown sugar cinnamon streusel

Someone wise advised me years ago: Pick both. Why settle for either apple or pumpkin pie when you can combine thick, creamy, spicy pumpkin with tender sweet-tart apples? Bake it in a delicious flaky pie dough and top it off with a touch of cinnamon streusel and you’ve the best of both worlds!



Screenshot 2017-11-01 at 1.35.26 PM.png

chocolate-pecan tart

rich chocolate crust // caramelly dark chocolate & pecan filling // sea salt

You don’t need to tell anyone this rich chocolate spin on pecan pie is dairy-free & egg-free. But you do need to cut it in small slices so there’s enough for everyone to try (& love).



pumpkin chai-spice cream pie

cream cheese crust // pumpkin-chai cream filling // spiced whipped cream

Cream cheese crust makes a rich and delicious (and gluten-free!*) base for this pie! The combined powers of creamy pumpkin & spicy Mandala Chai Co chai tea concentrate make for a pie that just might be my new favorite thing.

*BATCH bakeshop is NOT a gluten-free kitchen. So although we do our best to avoid cross-contamination between gluten-free and gluten-filled treats, the gluten-filled tend to vastly outnumber the gluten-less. This cake is made with a mix of gluten-free flours and does not contain any ingredients with gluten BUT if you or your guests are extremely sensitive to gluten please find a delicious option at Boot’s Bakery or one of our area’s other more GF-focused bakeries as gluten is in the air around here!



roasted plum & pear ginger galette

flaky pie dough // roasted plums // gingerbread cake crumbs // pears

One of our Thanksgiving menu favorites for the past few years has been a gingery pear galette but after a #summerofgalettes I’m ready to raise the bar: roasted plums top an extra flaky crust, with toasted gingerbread cake crumbs adding a kick of warmth and keeping the galette from everyone’s Thanksgiving nightmare (soggy crust!!!!), top that with thinly sliced Washington pears and a sprinkle of ginger sugar and you’ve got a winner.


Screenshot 2017-11-01 at 1.46.53 PM.png

cranberry crunch cake

jammy cranberries // sugar crunch // buttery cake with just a hint of orange

Pie might be the classic choice for Thanksgiving dessert spreads, but it’s not Thanksgiving in my family without this rich, buttery cake. This cake stays fresh & delicious for days, travels well, and works for breakfast, snack & dessert. You don’t have to share.


Giving this Thanksgiving

We'll be donating $2 from each pie & cake sold this Thanksgiving to these people & non-profits that are dear to us! Thank you for helping support this giving! There is also an option to add an additional $10 to your order if you want to add to our donation; simply add the $10 donation option to your shopping cart before you check out. Click on each link below for more information about these organizations & people or to make your own direct donation:

Rainbow Railroad


 Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico (United Fund of Puerto Rico)

Planned Parenthood

Susan Webber