Taking a break, to do more

A big part of the work I've done with BATCH over the past 7 years has been making wedding cakes & desserts. When I first started my business, I didn't imagine that making wedding cakes  & desserts would be something I would enjoy. But I had friends & family getting married, so I made small, simple cakes, and lots and lots of tiny bite size treats. And I realized how fun it was to add such a sweet part to such a special celebration. I worked with wonderful couples whose focus was on crafting a meaningful day of celebration & did my part to make sure those days were also delicious! As I realized how much fun building & styling beautiful cakes could be, I played around with bigger cakes & different styles. And eventually, I found a style that felt like my own and have had so much fun decorating cakes with a focus on edible flowers & fresh herbs & spices. 

2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year packed with big changes & new things. And to make room for changes & new things, I'm taking a break from making wedding cakes & desserts. (Except for a couple close friends getting married this year--whose cakes I'm already day dreaming about and can't wait to make!) I will be hosting a few cake making classes this spring & summer for folks that want to DIY their own birthday or special occasion or wedding cakes. In fact, hosting classes is what I will be focusing on at the bakeshop instead of making cakes. I'll be having hands-on & demo classes, continuing our monthly cookbook club, and working on some fun workshop collaborations with other fun makers in the Spokane area! 

A big part of cutting back on weddings & cake orders is to make room---room in the bakery kitchen for other tiny businesses to share space & grow what they are making, room in my mind to create more fun, interesting classes, and (in what is an somewhat unexpected, but wholly exciting change for 2018) room in my schedule for a NEW JOB! What?! That's right, I went and got myself a job working for someone other than myself. After years of being solely focused on running BATCH bakeshop & growing my business, it will be a huge change to balance my business with working for another organization. And I couldn't be more excited!!!

I'm starting work as the Program Manager at Spokane Arts, an amazing organization that is focused on amplifying the awesome work being done by artists & makers of all kinds in our community. I had to go buy some "real" pants (apparently my wife won't let me just wear yoga pants & other stretchy clothes everywhere anymore) and this job will bring a lot of discipline back into my schedule, but this change is going to be so freeing in so many ways. Being a small business owner can be incredibly stressful & self-focused. Your thoughts are always running around what you need to do, what your business needs, what other people are thinking about you & your business. The opportunity to put my focus on supporting the needs of Spokane Arts, of putting my energy towards doing good work for our local artists & makers, just the thought of it makes me---well, makes me grin like a fool and feel a bit giddy with excitement to get started! 

Having & growing BATCH has been a serious exercise for me in learning what I like to do, what I am good at (what I am bad at!) and how I operate in all sorts of situations. I have learned to push for balance in my life, I have fought against the glorification of busy and the sense of obligation to say yes to things that I don't want to say yes to. I have learned a lot. And that learning has led me to refine BATCH into something more condensed & focused. I love teaching and collaborating and sharing beautiful food. This year will be filled with so much of all of that. Come take a class at the bakeshop. Join me for some fun collaborations & workshops later this year. And if you want to keep up with more of my ramblings & goings on, follow along on this blog. I'll be sharing recipes & fun food stuff, keep you up on what's happening through the year at the bakeshop, and who knows what else! Life is full of change & surprise! 

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