BATCH bakeshop is a tiny bakery located in Spokane, Washington, focused on creating delicious, small-batch, high-quality baked goods and desserts and offering classes and workshops to share our love of baking and making! 

BATCH bakeshop goodies can be found at the Thursday Market on South Perry every Thursday, from May through October.  Beautiful and tasty cakes & other treats can also be ordered for special events big and small.  

Cakes, muffins, and other treats are baked with many seasonal and local ingredients, from apples and berries to lavender and rosemary and served up at our pop-up events & brunches at our bakery.  Real food only: real butter, Northwest flour, nothing artificial.  We love playing with new flavors and unexpected combinations, but the goal is always undeniable deliciousness. 

Mika Maloney has lived in Spokane since 2007 and started BATCH bakeshop in 2011. She's always loved baking and really loves Spokane. She is continually inspired by the many amazing folks here operating their tiny businesses with love and passion.  


 photo by Megan Robinson

photo by Megan Robinson

email: batchbakeshop@gmail.com
facebook: facebook.com/batchbakeshop